Cyril studied cinema at ESEC - Paris and graduate in 1988. He did a reportage at the Festival de Cannes in 1989 that got publish in "Les Cahiers du Cinéma".

After working on several movies he starts photography joining the agency Imapress in 1989 and the agency REA in 2002. He got published in most important french magazines, including Paris match, L'Express, VSD, Les Cahiers du Cinéma, Le Nouvel Observateur, Le Figaro, Balthazar... Cyril covered many society subjects as the illegal immigrants, the closing of Sangatte, religious communities, business women.

He directed "Objectifs de Campagne", 2007 , he showed the backstage of electoral campaign as well as the hard work of reporters.

He then realize a short movie with Marie-Florence Gros for the book "Tout contre" released by Héloïse d'Ormesson editor.

In 2010, he participates to the group exhibition "Les Français vus du train" at the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, with Robert Doisneau and Sebastien Salgado. The next year, he handle a solo exhibition "Paris/New York, Grandes Lignes" coming along with Marie-Florence Gros' texts at Gare de l'Estin Paris with the support of Gares & Connexions.

In October 2012, he exhibits at Gallery 59 in Paris, the collection "Origine". Each photograph was associated to a text of Marie-Florence Gros published in the book "Dans le ventre des femmes".

Cyril realized a monumental work for Gares & Connexions, part of SNCF, that has been exhibited on the façadeof Austerlitz station, (60mx7m) that was covering the renovation works and will be displayed for several years.  He also decorated the RER station with monumental photographs (7mx3,5m) about monuments of the district. He realized this work using a 40m crane enabling him to catch a different point of vue on Paris.

Cyril Delettre handle photography and videography following always his 2 passions: subjects about society and artistic.