Originally from Toulouse France and now living in Hong Kong, Harold de Puymorin has always been deeply attracted by colours, shapes, and rich visuals that Asia has to offer the lens of his camera.

Working with little to no stylistic restrictions of any kind, Harold de Puymorin’s work mirrors his own personality of experimentation and allowing his inspirations speak before all out.

Whether using classic photography or more advanced digital techniques, his works transmit an original yet artistic vision of life.  

With his special fascination with geometric shapes, vibrant colours and sometime humorous scenarios, Harold de Puymorin interacts with the subject by transforming reality into the abstract and unconventional shapes and compositions.

"I consider myself being modern yet poetic, funny yet sad, active yet passive.... Evolving in one of the most contrasted environment plays a lot on one’s mood, hence the visual transcription of it remains even stronger more original and without boundaries...."



Collective exhibitions :

2016               « HK Reflected » - Voxfire Gallery, Hong Kong

                       « Electric City – Photo and Art Exhibition » - The Hive, Hong Kong

2015               « Patterns of Living » - Picture this Gallery, Hong Kong

                       Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, Hong Kong

                       French May « Hong Kong Values », HK, Visual Arts Center, Hong Kong

                       Affordable Art Fair Singapore, Singapore

                       « Still Hong Kong », Voxfire Gallery, Hong Kong

                       « Crayons Part II – Colors in your life », Voxfire Gallery, Hong Kong

                       « Puppeteer Permanent Exhibition », Picture This Gallery, Hong Kong

Solo exhibitions :

2014               « Crayons Permanent Exhibition » Puerta del Sol, Hong Kong

                       « Crayons Exhibition », Man Mo Cafe, Hong Kong