Stéphane Chaboureau


Before collecting, Stephane experimented his own talent as a photographer, exhibiting during French May 2015 with a collective of French and Chinese photographers for the benefit of a charity, collecting funds to build a school in Cambodia. “Transform moments on paper into gold and gold into life,” as Stephane says.


“I met Cyril and Marie-Florence from “La Galerie” at this occasion.

While giving me precious guidance on my work, Cyril and Marie-Florence certainly triggered an urgent desire to become a photo collector. Then some purchases in auction sales followed. I loved everything about bidding, but there was something missing. I went back to 74th Hollywood Road, to Cyril and Marie Flo’ and to their artists.

Beyond the beauty of their work, how they move my spirit and transport me at a brasserie in Paris, by the Yellow River or Animal Farm, it is first and foremost a unique chance to connect to living artists to show my admiration and love for their endeavors, to participate to their next creation.

Building a fellowship with the artist and his work and, at the end, be by his side waiting for the next moment décisif.