For years my works have been exploring the ecology of the society and the issue of existence.

The parades initiated in Hong Kong over the past few decades have inspired me to create the Parade series.  I take repeated actions of individuals to represent the value orientation of the society. 

While the world has been unifying into one, our thinking tends to gear towards one end. People have become faceless with no personal opinion.  They blindly follow the trend, repeat what others have said, and are unclear of their values of living.

My work, PARADE series, was inspired by the parades of Hong Kong.  We all know that those parades that took place in Hong Kong were of “international-grade.” Based on the above viewpoints, we all finally became the same kind of people wandering or standing in the city unconsciously towards the same direction, reflecting the nihility of our existence in the world.

All these places and buildings, once having social issues revealed, were matched with models wearing outfits that were related to the backgrounds. "

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