Elliott Erwitt

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Erwitt Elliott was born in France of Russian émigré parents, 1928. He stood in Italy until the age of 10 when moved with his family to France afterward immigrating to the United States in 1939, settling in New York for 2 years then transferring to Los Angeles.

California Kiss, 1955

16 x 20 inch


Felix Gladys and Rover, NYC, 1974

16 x 20 inch


While attending Hollywood High School Erwitt worked in a commercial darkroom processing « signed » prints for fans of movie stars. Drafted into the US army in 1951 he continued taking photographs for various publications totally apart from his military duties while stationed in New Jersey, Germany and France.

While looking for work in New York City prior to his military service, he met Edward Steichen, Robert Capa and Roy Stryker who liked his photographs and took personal guiding interest becoming significant mentors. In 1953, Elliott Erwitt was invited to join Magnum as member by his founder Robert Capa. In 1968 he became President of the prestigious agency for 3 terms. To date, he continues to be an active member and one of the leading figures in the competitive field of photography.

In the 70’s the artist began making films as Beauty knows no pain (1971), Red White and Blue Grass (1973), to start producing comedy and satire TV programs in the 80’s. He also wrote over 20 photography books.

In 1977, the photographer was exhibited at the Rencontres internationales d’Arles, in 2010 at La maison européenne de la photographie and in 2011 at the International Center of Photography in New York.

Elliott Erwitt photographied Europe and US, children and dogs, celebrities with always a lot of humour. He became famous for his photograph USA, North Carolina that became an icon of segregation.