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The Creation

It all started with some leftovers from previous sets, some spare pieces of polystyrene foam, some wooden rods, a bit of paint. Only with these did Le Turk - handyman/photographer and craftsman/magician-  decided to take on a new challenge: to erect a monumental fresco, a new surrealseries where mystic and burlesque, past and future, decay and hope are blending. Haunted by Hieronymus Bosch’s and Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s canvases, the artist started manufacturing model sets and landscapes that he photographed afterwards, through the use of hundreds of pictures (for a gigantic resolution) in order to inlay a crowd of characters, all of them actors, into this absolute “world work of art”...The realism of the size scales is then lost. The eye is simply wandering in a multitude of details, references, symbols and simply travels through colliding ages and world views.

Gathering all in all seven pictures, including a church ceiling-like one, the new series Opera Mundi constitutes a real turning point in the photographer’s young career. He explores the frontiers of what is “fake”, while attaching a major importance to building everything with his own two hands. He questions the boundaries between photography and painting and pushes his taste for immoderation and especially his obsession for Aesthetics to their paroxysm...

About his work:

Le Turk’s work is marked by a baroque and nostalgic vision of a permanent end of century and lost characters in staged sets ... In his studio, factory of marvels, Le Turk makes his own decor, an artificial world made by cardboard, wood and polystyrene. To build false elements, depict everything; to better approach real, to sublimate the artifice to reveal the contemporary tragi-comic in large epic paintings is his aesthetic obsession. Between sacred and profane, between Comics and Méliès, between Faith, fervour and decadence, since the past seven years this photography craftsman, this entertainer, explores the limits of his photographic discipline and questions our time.

Ecce Homo

La Commune



About Tina Mérandon

The photographic series about love in Hong Kong has been done in Autumn 2016.

The title « Full Moon » refers to the day of the important holiday of the full moon in Hong Kong, the day I arrived. The night of the full moon is a source of myths. It is a reverie, a wish, something pure and soft. That slightly corresponds to the spirit of Asians. Beauty is moderate and non aggressive. The Asian gesture on love is more suggested, more modest than in the West.

The relationship between emotions and destinies of the couple are managed differently from a private and public point of view. The codes are not the same.

It happens during the night in the city, couples meet up and look for each other. Warm colors and the flash reflection express soundlessly the electric side of this exciting city in perpetual change. The red color returns, permanent, dominant, symbol of vital passion in all registers. Some plastic green sounds remind the captured nature and sometimes artificial but always presents. The atmosphere is rather dreamlike and poetic.

Residency: Alliance Française, Hong Kong International Photo Festival and Diaphane provided their support to achieve this photographic project.


About Corinne Mariaud

This photographic series evokes, through the figure of the body, the quest for identity, the struggle of the individual to preserve singularity in a standardized world. It questions the image of the woman and her place in our contemporary society, the diktat of appearance, cliché about feminity and masculinity.


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About Solange Gautier

« Solange Gautier’s collages bathe in an unlimited reverie endowed with a sense of humor – sometimes nostalgic – and with a great finesse. »



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About Harold de Puymorin

Working with little to no stylistic restrictions of any kind, Harold de Puymorin’s work mirrors his own personality of experimentation and allowing his inspirations speak before all out.

Whether using classic photography or more advanced digital techniques, his works transmit an original yet artistic vision of life.  

With his special fascination with geometric shapes, vibrant colours and sometime humorous scenarios, Harold de Puymorin interacts with the subject by transforming reality into the abstract and unconventional shapes and compositions. 



About Frédéric Lagrange

Frédéric has always had a strong innate curiosity about his surroundings wherever he is in the world. His work process is mainly focused on capturing people in their natural environment, picking up through his lens as many subtle nuances as he can. His natural ability at crossing cultural and language barriers has allowed him to immerse himself completely with different indigenous tribes and people to capture human stories from the most secluded shores of the Indonesian Archipelago, to the rough, mountainous terrains of Mongolia and Afghanistan.



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About Denis Darzacq

About "La Chute" and "Act 2"



According to Denis Darzacq, "whoever we are, we always have something to learn from others". It was from this idea that the photographic series Act 2 was born.

The story begins in 2009 when Denis Darzacq works alongside people with disabilities for his series Act. Then, in 2015, the photographic series Act 2 begins. For this new project, he asked dancers of the Paris Opera to take inspiration from these photos to improvise dance movements in the heart of the city of Paris.

This new series is a dialogue between two worlds that seem opposites but which are linked by the grace and beauty of the act, an illustration of this unknown language.