Jean-François Deroubaix

« I always have my iPhone with me. I play with it. As everybody has the same small machine, I am anonymous in the city, I am no more a photographer. The situation would be different if I would show a Canon or a Nikon. The iPhone allows me to disappear among the people. Thanks to that, I rediscover spontaneity and surprise, something very easy, very simple, while a camera usually makes things more difficult. (…) There is freedom. » Jean-François Deroubaix.

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"Above the parking"

Self Portrait, Charenton, France


"Tunnel 1"

Paris, France


"EuraLille Stairs"

Lille, France


"Selfie with Winston"

Churchill, Charenton, France


"Selfie with Winston"

Churchill, Charenton, France


 "High Speed train cloud"


”Women are men's future"

Corporate meeting, France


"Bubble Man"


"Running for the bus"

Vitry, France


”En Voiture Simone !"