Post Natural History

Mixing History and anticipation, memory and science fiction, The Post Natural History project shows a collection of « upcoming species » based upon synthetic biology and cybernetics. Presented in the style of a Cabinet of curiosity, with its uncanny but also familiar beauty, this poetic and sensitive bestiary questions our relationship to Nature and technology.

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GREAT GREY OWL [Strix predatoris]

90 x 78,6 cm // 35.43 x 30.94 inch.


RABBIT  [Oryctolagus cognitivus]

 85 x 78,3 cm. // 33.46 x 30.82 inch


IBIS [Ibis temperatio]

 120 x108 cm. / 47.24x42.51 inch.


MONITOR LIZARD [Varanus imitabilis]

120 x 45 cm. / 47.24x17.71 inch.


DRAGONFLY [Chloromgonfus detectis]

82 x 92.9 cm / 32.28 x 36.57 inch.