Alexis Reynaud



Alexis Reynaud is a Swiss photographer born in 1975 in Geneva, whose artistic research centres around the theme of the references that an individual gives his own worldly existence and the sense that he tries to give it, from the identity of a space to the confinement of his spirit. His works are regularly exhibited in galleries and art fairs in Switzerland and abroad.

From this geometrical, graphical, urban or organic space emerges a photographic mapping, the real reference matrix of a “plan” projected in a large format to express the humanist essence from the heart of Alexis Reynaud’s proposals. 

Exhibition selection:

2016: SIG Services Industriels de Genève – Geneva (Switzerland)

2015: SELECTION ART BASEL – Basel (Switzerland)

2014-15: GALLERY BETTINA VON ARNIM – Paris (France)

2014-15: GALLERY TATIANA TOURNEMINE – Gstaad (Switzerland)

2014: BASEL ART CENTER – Basel (Switzerland)

2014: PHOTOBASTEI – USPP – Zürich (Switzerland)

2013: GALLERY RUINE – Geneva (Switzerland)

2012: FNAC – conference and exhibition Geneva & Lausanne (Switzerland)