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Solo Exhibition by Denis Darzacq

3 May - 2 June 2019

La Galerie Paris 1839 is delighted to present the collection Abscences by French artist Denis Darzacq. The exhibition will be held from 3rd May to 2nd June 2019, with the opening night on 2nd May 2019, in La Galerie Paris 1839, G/F, 74 Hollywood Road, Central.

With the new series Absences, Denis Darzacq continues his reflections initiated with Recomposition and Contreformes on the distancing of the photographic signifier. He creates abstract images that represent nothing but themselves, highlighting the absence of information other than plastics. From prints of elements of the two previous series, he folds, creases, cuts, tears and re-arranges these photographic prints in compositions with strong colors and precise and contrasting light. This chaotic assemblage brings together in the same context forms that come from painting as much as sculpture or mobiles, these plastic forms that innervate and influence its creation. He creates photographs of ephemeral composition objects by changing the scale of their representation.

Denis Darzacq


Absence N°1

2018, inkjet print on fine art paper, 55 x 55 cm, 3 Editions + AP

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