Between the Mountains and Water

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Mountains and rivers are always the heaviest carriers of Chinese people’s affection. The continental cultural awareness of making a sightseeing tour, the inherent cultivation consciousness of “mountains being virtuous, rivers being moral”, and the sense of visual illusion of a short distance away are always the main line of interpreting Mountains and waters.

My occupation gives me chances of making sightseeing tours, and makes me capable of re-examining the present Mountains and waters. China is undergoing high-speed changes and immerses itself in the excitement of prosperity. The trend of strong destructive power which cannot be halted is following. Under this circumstance, I seem to be very insignificant as an ordinary people. In the course of my traveling over land and water over the years, I am looking for those people who are still in company with mountains and waters. When taking photos, I exchange with my subjects. I join them, and it is up to the person being exchanged and me to press the shutter. I believe that I cannot feel stronger or more complicated when I am lost in it. Even for a transient moment, I feel so delighted to encounter classical and precious relics on the way. What come next are great anxieties that they are likely to disappear tomorrow. 


  Dagushan and The Xiaogushan, 106 x 84 cm / 120 x 96 cm each (Set of 2)

Little Dragon Boat in The Three Gorges, 106 x 84 cm / 120 x 96 cm each (Set of 2)

A Buddha Head in the Mountain, 96 x 120 cm / 108 x 134 cm / 135 x 167 cm

People Drink Tea under a Billboard, 106 x 84 cm / 136 x 110 cm / 165 x 134 cm

Huangshan Step Fairy Bridge, 84 x 116 cm / 110 x 136 cm / 134 x 165 cm

Stone in the Middle of the River, 100 x 90 cm / 134 x 108 cm / 165 x 134 cm

People Drink Tea by the River, 106 x 84 cm / 136 x 110 cm / 165 x 134 cm

Shoes Mountain, 106 x 84 cm / 136 x 110 cm / 165 x 134 cm

Seaside, 106 x 84 cm / 136 x 110 cm / 165 x 134 cm