Nature through Sebastião Salgado’s lenses at C/O Berlin --- Genesis

Valdés Peninsula, Argentina, 2004 © Sebastião Salgado/ Amazonas images

Having travelled to more than 30 destinations in 8 years of time, the renowned photographer is showing a collection of works for the first time at C/O Berlin. 

By reaching the untouched corners on Earth such as Archaic volcanic landscapes, arctic ice masses, river canyons, mountain chains, primordial rainforests and sand dunes, Salgado unveils the richness in diversity of flora and fauna, as well as capturing scenes of indigenous people in their domains. His "Genesis" project is a tribute to nature; a large format photographic series that aims to raise public awareness toward the beauty and diversity of nature. 

And the message is clear: conserve our precious nature. By moving away from producing social documentary works, Salgado explores the intricate inks between photography and ecology, as well as social behaviours. The exhibition is now showing 245 of his works till 16th August.