Les Six Contes Fantasques

This group is very rare being one of just three that were printed before steel-facing. They were made using a burin to carve directly into the plate, which gives a lovely richness of line. The subjects include Picasso’s lover Dora Maar alongside deconstructed surrealist figures.”

Pablo Picasso made the six drypoints to illustrate ‘ Six Contes fantasques’, a book by Maurice Toesca, published in 1953 by Flammarion in an edition of 225. 

Les Six Contes Fantasques》。這幀作品極度珍罕,是其中三套於電鍍鋼⾯面之前印 製的其中之⼀一,以銅版⽤用刻⼑刀直接在印版上雕刻,線條濃深優美,題材包括畢加索 的情⼈人 Dora Maar,以及解構的超現實⼈人物。」


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Engravings with burin, 1953

Bloch 363 - 368; Baer 691 - 696 only state, A (of B.b.5); Cramer 66

Each print signed and inscribed '1er etat 2/3' in dark blue ink, and dated in the plate.

One of the rare set of six drypoints from the edition of three printed prior to steel facing in 1944. There also was an edition of 30 published in 1952 but after steel facing.

Image Size : 57.0 x 45.5 cm (22.44 x 17.91 in)  /  Sheet Size : 36.5 x 30.0 cm (14.37 x 11.81 in)