Frederic Jager

Born in Melun in 1957, Jager is a French sculptor and painter. Passionate about equitation, he is famous for making representations of horses in plaster and bronze in all their forms. He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Dijon and is currently living in France. Rather than just being an artist, he describes himself as a dreamer: unpredictable and passionate. For Frédéric JAGER, beauty is a must. His style, classic, figurative, is stunning in this world of contemporary art. Bringing bronze to life, his works always capture the energy and beauty of the horse “Because unlike men, a horse is always beautiful, always strong, always sad.”

Several large companies, such as HERMES, NINA RICCI, goldsmith MELLERIO, CHEVIGNON, SOCIETE GENERALE, HORSE WOOD, watches PEQUIGNET, SWEATERIE, have called upon him for sculptures, decorative objects, advertising works, or trophies for the races.

He has had numerous solo exhibitions, and has also participated in a myraid of art fairs such as the ‘Salon International de Saumur’,  the Animal Sculpture Biennale of Rambouillet, the Derby Horse in Art in Chantilly, Monumental Sculpture Festival of Sainte Geneviève des Bois, Contemporary Art Exhibition of the Bastille.

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