Guillaume Werle

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Les Menines


“Les Ménines are part of my creative works on symbolism of clothing. Going further of my previous work on tutus, exploring ballet emblematic dresses; these sculptures question the spirit of clothing.  Covering up and wrapping our carnal layer, they define the appearance of our appearance. It acts as social mirror. Bodies, what remains, are very simply expressed even very interpreted; and reinterpreted the sculptures into our century.

As a tribute to Velasquez’s Meninas, and also to Manolo Valdès and Salvador Dali’s ones, I intended to design courtesan’s dresses to be as baroque as possible. The way I modeled textures and clay surfaces in original sculptures was widely inspired by Georges Jeanclos and Louis Cane’s art works.

Les Menines, Bronze Sculpture, 13 x 20 cm