Linocuts and ceramic

Picasso brings colour to this stunning exhibition in the form of his linocuts from the 50s and 60s. Linocut printmaking had been neglected as a technique before Picasso took it up. During those two decades, with the assistance of his printmaker Gerard Arnéra, Picasso achieved total mastery with the linocut, a level that has never been surpassed. These prints were produced while Picasso lived in Vallauris in the south of France and the warmth of the climate and the lifestyle is reflected in the bacchanalian imagery of the glorious dancing mythological characters of Faunes et Chèvre, of which a very nice impression is being exhibited.

During the same period, Picasso was producing his famous, playful ceramics with the Madoura Poeery, also based in Vallauris. On display at La Galerie is one such example of a goat’s profile, no doubt based on his pet goat, Esmeralda, who roamed freely about his villa. It was while working at the Madoura workshop that he met Jacqueline Rocque, who was to become his final lover and eventually his wife. He made many linocuts of Jacqueline, a beautiful example of which is included in the exhibition. 


此外,畢加索於 50 和 60 年代創作的油氈浮雕版畫,亦是這次展覽的另⼀一特⾊色。在畢 加索製作油氈浮雕版畫前,這種創作⽅方法⼀一直被漠視,就在這 20 年間,他在版畫家 Gerard Arnéra 協助下,完全掌握了油氈浮雕版畫的竅⾨門,把這種製作⽅方法提昇⾄至登 峰造極的⽔水平,⾄至今無⼈人能望其項背。這是畢加索居於法國南部⽡瓦羅利 (Vallauris)時期的作品,當地和煦的天氣和悠閒的⽣生活節奏,啟發他繪製了酒神節中⼿手舞⾜足蹈的神話⼈人物農牧神的⾓角⾊色,活靈活現,躍然於畫上。

同⼀一時間,畢加索亦醉⼼心於在⽡瓦羅利的⾺馬杜拉陶器坊(Madoura)創作了他眾所周 知和極富玩味⾵風格的陶器。 La Galerie 展出了其中⼀一件⼭山⽺羊陶器,明顯是以在他別 墅隨意漫⾛走的寵物⼭山⽺羊 Esmeralda 為藍本。就在他埋⾸首於⾺馬杜拉陶器坊創作之際,認識了最後⼀一位情⼈人 Jacqueline Rocque,後來還成為他妻⼦子,因此他創作了⼤大量以 Jacqueline 為對象的油氈浮雕版畫,展覽中亦展出了其中⼀一張漂亮作品。


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Linocut printed in colors, 1959

Bloch 0945; Baer 1223 second state of two, II.A (of II.B.b)

Image Size : 16.5 x 22.6 cm

Sheet Size : 33.5 x 51.0 cm

Picador entrant dans l'Arène

Linocut printed in color, 1959

Bloch 942; Baer 1221 second state of two, A (of B.b)

Image Size : 16.5 x 22.6 cm 

Sheet Size : 37.6 x 48.0 cm 

Faunes et Chèvre

Linocut printed in colors, 1959

Bloch 934; Baer 1263 third state of three, III.B.h.1 (of III.B.h.2.?)

Image Size : 62.1 x 75.1 cm 

Sheet Size : 53.2 x 63.9 cm 


Faune et vieux Roi / Le vieux Bouffon

Linocut printed in colors, 1963

Bloch 1152; Baer 1338 'Deuxième plateau', second state of three, II.A (of B.b)

Image Size : 63.9 x 50.3 cm

Sheet Size : 75.3 x 62.4 cm 


Portrait de Jacqueline de Face. I

Linocut printed in colors, 1961

Bloch 1064; Baer 1278 third state of three, III.B.a (of B.b.)

Image Size : 63.2 x 52.5 cm 

Sheet Size : 75.4 x 62.0 cm 

Tête de chèvre de profil

Ceramic, 1950

Ramié 112

Image Size : 25.5 x 25.5 cm 

Sueno y Mentira de Franco

Etching and aquatint, 1937

Bloch 297-98; Baer 615-16

Image Size : 31.5 x 42.2 cm (12.4 x 16.61 in)

Sheet Size : 38.2 x 57.51 cm (15.04 x 22.64 in)