About the artist

By formation, inclination and ability, I am focusing a great measure of my creative effort to re-kindle the natural relationship between sculpture and architecture on large site specific commissions.
Collaborating directly with architects and developers, I create monumental sculptures for the new agora of the XXI century. The monumental presence in public space confronts and creates dialogue. And it ignites our curiosity to explore the space we’re living in. It interacts with the community and contributes to understand our concept of individuality before defining our collective memories.
I am fascinated by memories and identities; the way they’ve been built, the way they function and the place they occupy in our intent to regenerate the city.It is in that context that I aim to resolve each time an impossible equation in between an international pop culture and the local identities, trying to find a continuity in the architectonic and urban fabric with always an element of fun.

 "…why should we not calmly and patiently review our own thoughts, and thoroughly examine and see what these appearances in us really are?" 


In this perception/reflection exercise, Polo invite us to learn more about our fundamental nature, purpose and essence. After all, the world might be just what we make of it. The way it’s built and the way it works (or not) just reflect upon us.

I am however no philosopher, I am just a sculptor. And I usually create for site specific commissions. Just like an architect, my work has therefore always a very defined destination as an integrated part of the architecture and usually inspired by and/or from it.

The “Reflection” project presented here, is therefore a new and interesting exercise for me. Interested in the relationship of sculpture in its environment, I did develop this concept to an other level. I’ve designed a series of very basic human silhouettes to be assembled together defining then the figure of a man holding his head in his hand in a moment of reflection. Those shapes life size are made out of mirror polished stainless steel. The mirror effect bounce back the light on its surface and the sculpture become like this, part of the landscape, re-design it and disappear within. The landscape defines each time an other reflection, an other figure and an other sculpture all together. 

This is the concept. This is the sculpture. But in this context of reflection, of duality, the discussion needed to engage an other perception. It was important the eye of a great photographer. I’ve always liked William Furniss’s work and how he’s able to abstract the landscapes of the city reflected to itself, or in the water of the harbour, or simply through a multitude of rain drops. Our respective visions became natural in this collaborative effort. This project represent our contemplative reflection in a contemporary Hong Kong promenade.