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About La Galerie Paris 1839

La Galerie represents internationally recognised fine art photography masterpieces as well as a collection of works of emerging artists. With a deep understanding and sensitive approach of art, La Galerie builds its collections with passion, lucidity and high standards, extending its expertise to prints mixed media, street art and sculpture. 


Starting with its first exhibition for Vincent Fournier in Hong Kong, La Galerie has been the crossroad of Western and local art scene. 

With a mission of observing and presenting Hong Kong with a modern perspective, La Galerie represents artists including Camille Levert, Cyril Delettre, Catherine Henriette, and Anat Givon who share the same method in their approaches. Their works embody the characteristics of the collision and integration of East and West cultures in the city of Hong Kong. 

La Galerie values local talents - from established artists as Almond Chu to emerging young artists like Giraffe Leung. Asian art scene is also represented through Zeng Nian, Zhang Kechun and Chow Ching-Hui.

The gallery aims to bring photography to everyone’s life.


With its French background, the gallery has brought more than photography from Europe across the continents: Nicolas Lefeuvre’s contemporary expression of landscapes with ink, contemporary street icon Okuda San Miguel’s geometric acrylic patterns, and the fine art master Pablo Picasso’s etching prints. 


For years, Marie-Florence Gros and Cyril Delettre have shared the same passion for art, especially photography. They also have been working together combining successfully their skills and creative minds to build several artistic projects including text and photography exhibitions as well as short movies. Coming to Hong Kong, the 2 founders have been totally seduced by the energy that drives the city. They then decided to share with the public their passion and expertise opening La Galerie, right in the heart of the Asian art scene: La Galerie, Paris, 1839.


Why Paris,1839 ?


Photography has had a real development as an art media in the entire world for the last decades. The idea of photographs as a cultural media was born in 1839, when the French government bought the patent of Daguerre to« offer it to the world ». However, it took one century for photography to be recognised as art pieces. MET – The Metropolitan Museum of Art established its first independent curatorial department of photography in 1992. Nowadays, photographs are displayed in all museums around the world and auctions exploded in the last 15 years.


La Galerie held its first exhibition in Hong Kong featuring Vincent Fournier’s photography in 2014. Over the years, his works has received a lot of attention worldwide. In 2019, Fournier’s artwork entered the MET’s collection of photography, together with all the masterpieces from other well-established artists. 


The gallery aims to be one of the first art spaces that focuses on high standard art photography and prints in Hong Kong.

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