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Anat Givon




Anat Givon, born in Israel, came to Hong Kong as a press photographer to cover the 1997 Handover. Having also reported from conflict zones and documenting anything from violent conflicts through politics and economics, to sports, in the Middle East and throughout South East Asia; many of Anat’s pictures have told the world of some harrowing stories.

After years of witnessing and portraying violence, death and destruction as well as growth and development through her camera lens; Anat now uses her talent and passion to create innovative pieces of art that are subjective and can be enjoyed as personal interpretations rather than “objective” journalistic accounts.

Combining and manipulating images through digital art Anat introduces, a somewhat surrealistic twist to her distinctive work whilst still relying on basic photographic aesthetics of proportions within a set frame, play of light and shadow, saturated colours or monochromes, to transform images into unique art.

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