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Camille Levert



Corner Houses

“Corner houses are at the crossroads of the major thoroughfares and arteries of Hong Kong. They are witnesses to the confluence of the dense flow of the town and remain pillars of the past. Laundry, AC, opened windows seem like embroideries in their pale colors. I have such a pleasure in collecting, cutting and preserving those images of a disappearing reality. Hong Kong is a continually developing city. It reaches a goal. It crosses times, instead of letting time cross it. It leaves behind former architectures which do not fit its ambitions any more. These buildings have a limited life span. Their peculiar charm, their histories anchored in memories inspire my work.”

- Camille Levert



In the old buildings, staircases directly open onto the street. The eye can follow their path, we can imagine other lives up there. A world of possible lives… But we will not climb up. They remain secret. Then we continue our walk and forget… Camille Levert’s series invites our imagination in those so banal – so extraordinary staircases. Her technique enhances the mystery: it is a faithful and subtle metamorphosis of the everyday architecture. The staircases catches the attention : the building, the men, the town disappear. Our fantasy is free to recreate its own projection.

Theatre: Today Next Change

As are the corner houses, theatres are also witnesses to the past. New buildings are taking their places. Some have already been destroyed and Camille Levert’s artworks are the vibrant revival of their prestigious story.