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La Chute

In 2003, during the Gulf War, Denis Darzacq Travelled out to Algeria to photograph dancers during their rehearsal for a touring hip-hop show organized by two French dance companies. The young men who auditioned with such concentration knew that being chosen could change their lives and open international frontiers. Few years later, Darzacq was struck by the way these images showed young people suspended in space and embarked on a personal project. They escape a very fragile instant their life in suburban.

The models launched themselves into the space. There is nothing false in these scenes. These moments really occurred. There is no fiction, no retouching or special effects. Photographed in the courtyards of buildings or in streets in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, in Nanterre and Biarritz, these young people were just being themselves, simply performing jumps in a modern urban setting. 

For twenty years, Denis Darzacq has been capturing the sensations, the bodies, the emptiness and the world of his generation, through the prism of an aesthetic and graphic style that is uniquely his.

Virginie Chardin, mars 2007

Act 2

According to Denis Darzacq, "whoever we are, we always have something to learn from others". It was from this idea that the photographic series Act 2 was born.

The story begins in 2009 when Denis Darzacq works alongside people with disabilities for his series Act. Then, in 2015, the photographic series Act 2 begins. For this new project, he asked dancers of the Paris Opera to take inspiration from these photos to improvise dance movements in the heart of the city of Paris.

This new series is a dialogue between two worlds that seem opposites but which are linked by the grace and beauty of the act, an illustration of this unknown language.