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Huang Jing


Colourless and Tasteless

“Althought my series is called Colorless and Tatesless, it reflects my emotions and feelings. Life as a river, someone take a passage, someone swimming or fishing. I walk on long beach, pick up the beautiful stone; put it into pocket, not allowed to go back.” Huang said.





Born in 1987, Guangzhou, China, Huang Jing now lives in Shenzhen. He graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, major in Photography and Digital Art. He has obtained the Leica Oskar Barnack Newcorner Award. He has been exhibited in China, France, Germany and places around the world, for instance, the Van Gogh Museum (France), Leica Art Museum (Germany).

Huang Jing’s picture tends to be like Chinese painting. His pictures are poetic and needless words to describe its spiritual message.  He enjoys capturing the surrounding of his everyday life, especially to impression of the urban city, the factories and the people. He likes to take photos that have a sense of insignificant and lacking content.


2011:   Obtained the Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award and took part in the Aerle Photography Festival in France.

2013:   Group exhibition of“Jinan Photo Biennial”Jinan,China.

            Group exhibition of“Lianzhou Photo Festival”Lianzhou,China.

2014:   Group exhibition of“Leica 10X10”leica museum,  Wetzlar, Germany.

            Group exhibition of“Foam Talent 2014” Foam Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2015:    Group exhibition of“Institution Production”

             Guangdong art Museum, Guangzhou, China.

             Group exhibition of “The first edition of ChangJiang international photography & video biennale”

             Group exhibition of “Photo Shanghai” ShangHai,China.

             Group exhibition of “FOTOGRAFIAEMERGENTE”,Officine Fotografiche Roma.

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