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Kayee C

Kayee-Who is listening

Who Is Listening?2018, Inkjet on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Bright White 310g, available in 2 sizes

End of the Party

This series was created during a stay in Le Perche, France, in a 15th-century manor house called Manoir Michelet renovated by a French couple who are retired art dealers.

“End of the party” consists of various mises en scene involving unexplained unconscious bodies, drama and mystery, all interpreted by the photographer herself, shot entirely without assistance.

Surviving characters in this series experience a range of emotions including guilt, shock, indifference as well as benevolence. It is not clear whether someone committed a crime or witnessed an accident or a natural death. These are all inspired by the experience of living as a surviving twin. “End of the party” can mean the end of the intimate time where twins share a womb together, the end of carefree innocence once the survivor’s guilt takes root, or the moment the surviving twin lets go of the guilt and makes peace with the facts with love and benevolence.




Sisters is an on-going series staging close relationships with dramatic tension and ambiguous intentions.