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Watch the Throne

Keflione presents his most recent works which he blends the traditional Hong Kong culture with contemporary and street art elements. With a fusion of Asian and Western influences, Keflione illustrates an imaginary version of Hong Kong under his own rule. The artist applies different techniques and materials to create a series of paintings and 3-dimensional work in his distinctive style of hyper-egotrip concept inspired by graffiti and monarchy elements. Introducing himself as Kenzongshi (which means Ken Master in Chinese) in this show, the artist has created a mysterious and superior character behind the scene. His unique illustrative language mixed not only eastern and western elements, but also cultures across skateboarding, hip-hop music, street art and art deco.

 Keflione demonstrates his royalness furthermore by creating the whimsical 3D printed oversize ring with the Chinese character Ken embossed on the front, and on the other hand his face features on an oversize and newly designed HKD1,000 banknote printed on currency paper with special ink and guilloche.