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Since that day, all Le Turk’s work is marked by a baroque and nostalgic vision of a permanent end of century and lost characters in staged sets ... In his studio, factory of marvels, Le Turk makes his own decor, an artificial world made by cardboard, wood and polystyrene. To build false elements, depict everything; to better approach real, to sublimate the artifice to reveal the contemporary tragi-comic in large epic paintings is his aesthetic obsession. Between sacred and profane, between Comics and Méliès, between Faith, fervour and decadence, since the past seven years this photography craftsman, this entertainer, explores the limits of his photographic discipline and questions our time.





Le Turk as an artist was born one night when listening to Bach's Saint John Passion, nice and loud in headphones.

His whole work has been dedicated ever since to what he experienced for those eight minutes that lasted forever. Ever since, he has striven to pass on as genuinely and accurately as he could the passion that was born that night.