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Nick Gleitzman



Nick Gleitzman walls are covered with scratched out, ripped off words, print papers. Different layers of forgotten words.

The City develops adding layers to layers, as the colours and papers on the wall.

What is left is an abstract piece of colours, suggesting previous words, previous passions, previous meanings. A memory of the anonymous, the ones who wrote, the ones who scratched….

The identity is to be found in this new mixed picture, sum of pasts and present time.



After more than twenty years of commercial and advertising photography, Australian photographer Nick Gleitzman decided to concentrate instead on making landscape and fine art images.

Twenty years of producing commerical photographs for some of Sydney’s best art directors and designers has resulted in an uncommon eye for detail, a distinctive sense of colour and style, and a passion for aesthetic and technical excellence. Gleitzman’s interest in photography originally began with his early attempts to capture the unique beauty and character of the Australian landscape. That fascination has continued for three decaes, and has now grown in scope to encompass the visually rich urban landscape of Hong Kong.

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