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Valérie Winckler



Atlantide 3

2017, 19.5 x 29.5 cm, pigment prints on Canson Rag photographic paper 310gr./m2, printed by

Anne-Marie Msili-Jézéquel, 6 editions + 2 AP

Atlantide and Phosphène

It was by night, on a beach -  the full moon was shining - that I tried, for the first time, a more experimental photography technique. By working with the sea and its elements, directly on light-sensitive paper and without a camera, I discovered the possibility of revealing an imaginative world that fascinated me. In the footprints of waves, sand, and pebbles, I found nebulae, galaxies, and new territories. I was at the birth of the universe.

A few years later, I wanted to rediscover this ability to transform reality, this time with a camera. I had fun, I cannot say otherwise, in finding all kinds of elements in nature or in everyday life; I used shapes, transparencies and colours to create foreign lands where I loved to get lost in.

The Atlantide and Phosphène series were born from this approach.

Set off on a research with or without a specific goal, glean in reality what is given to you, find connections, associate, compose and then photograph; and once the photograph is taken, discover it, transform it slightly to erase the landmarks and travel freely within the image, follow your imagination, accept it’s mystery without trying to solve it.

Then choose a paper that brings out the tone and sensuality of the image and amplifies its mystery. How many times have I heard the exclaim “but this is a painting!” Yet that is not the purpose of my research.

Photography documents reality. It makes visible. It shares.

But it is also an invitation to travel. It offers the unexpected, it reveals the invisible.

— Valérie Winckler