The Yellow River  黃河

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Zhang Kechun has spent 4 years on the banks the Yellow River. He travels on a fold-up bicycle, following the river’s silted water from the coastal flats of Shandong, west, to the mountains of Qinghai.

Zhang Kechun a passé 4 ans sur les bords du Fleuve Jaune. Il a voyagé sur un vélo pliant, suivant les eaux vaseuses du fleuve; du littoral plat de Shandong à l'ouest, jusqu'aux montagnes de Qinghai.

Buddha’s Head in Coal Yard , Ningxia, 2011

People Pumping in the Desert, Ningxia, 2011

People Roasting under a Tree, Gansu, 2010

Xiaolangdi Dam, Henan, 2011

People in a Cable Car, Xiaxi, 2011

Two Men Taking Photos by the River, Gansu, 2010

A Sculpture beside a Country, Inner Mongolia, 2011

Workers Taking Midday Rest beside a Bridge, Gansu, 2010

White Deer under a Cooling Tower, Inner Mongolia, 2011

People Holding a Picture of Mao Zedong Across the Yellow River, Henan, 2012

Kong Fu Practitioners, Gansu, 2010

People Playing in the Middle of the River, Shandong, 2011

Winter Fishing, Inner Mongolia, 2010

Longmen, Shanxi, 2011

Yellow River in the Middle of the Mountains, Gansu, 2011

People Disembarking on an Island in the Middle of the River, Xiaxi, 2012

People Painting a House in the Middle of the River, Gansu, 2011

People Building High-speed Rail Bridge, Xiaxi, 2011

A Family Spending the Weekend Under the Bridge, Shandong, 2011

People Fishing at the River, Xiaxi, 2012

Fake Hill in the Middle of the Lake, Shandong, 2011

People standing on The Billboard, Qinghai, 2011

Man Doing Morning Exercise Under the Bridge with Mask, Ningxia, 2010


People Fishing on the Top of the Pavilion, Shanxi, 2011