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Solo Exhibition of New Works by Vincent Fournier

10 February - 26 March 2022

​Extended until 23 April 2022

La Galerie Paris 1839 is delighted to present SPACE UTOPIA, an exhibition showing the most recent photographic works that explore the spirit of nostalgia and futurism by VINCENT FOURNIER. The exhibition is open to the Hong Kong audience at La Galerie in Central, and continues at Art Central Hong Kong during 26-29 May 2022. 

Vincent Fournier takes you on a journey out of this world, into the dream of Space Conquest, which breaks through the constrained space where this strange period is keeping us in. Fournier transforms this trip through the extraordinary nature of Iceland into an artistic adventure.


Fine art photographer Vincent Fournier is fascinated in exploring the boundary between reality and fiction. In his photo series, Fournier reveals not only his passion for science, technology and their mysteries but also creating and envisioning a fantasy world. Poetic and meticulous, Fournier transforms real venues into utopian-like images. 


In 2017, La Galerie has presented the first part of Space Utopia by Vincent Fournier. It tells the story of both the past and the future of space exploration, the photographs are a mix of historical and documentarian vision of space adventure with scenes staged inspired by cinema and Fournier’s childhood memories.


The artist has been looking at space through all sorts of space observatories in Chile, the US, the North Pole and even China. In 2021, Fournier continued his journey of Space exploration through the extended series SPACE UTOPIA. He continues to explore futuristic fiction and discovers glimpses of the future in our present and past. In this new series of works, Fournier shifted his focuses to another landscape – Iceland. 


Iceland Moon Mars Simulation #11, MS2 Spacesuit, ISE, Islande, 2021

Edition of 10 + 2AP, 3 sizes available

“The Space Project explores Earth-bound landscapes which, in their strangeness, remind us of our lifelong yearning for the great beyond. The series evokes the blurring of science fiction, imagination, reality and dreams.”