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Summer Exhibition 2019
Cédrix Crespel, Nicolas Lefeuvre, Okuda San Miguel and Zeng Nian

5 June - 25 August 2019

La Galerie Paris 1839 is delighted to present the summer exhibition 2019 featuring works by four artists, Cédrix Crespel, Nicolas Lefeuvre, Okuda San Miguel and Zeng Nian. The exhibition will be held until 25 August 2019, in La Galerie Paris 1839, G/F, 74 Hollywood Road, Central.

Cédrix Crespel

French artist Cédrix Crespel’s series Deep Pola is a selection of paintings revolving daily life of a married couple. Inspired by the Polaroid photographs taken by his wife Tiphaine, Crespel’s romanticism further gives imaginative details to his paintings. The works are not only a photographic conversation between the couple portraying their reconciliation and the pleasure of their intrigue, but are also a means for Crespel to question on the representation of Woman. “The Deep Pola series mocks the binary opposition between the traditional couple and progressive relationship with renewed seduction and shared obsession”, said Crespel.

How I Feel Better 2 100 x 100 2018.jpg

How I Feel Better 2

2018, Oil on linen, 100 x100 cm

Nicolas Lefeuvre


The ink painting series by French artist Nicolas Lefeuvre, Land(e)scapes, involves very personal works, sensual and exploratory, where gold in indigo triggers the lights of an unattainable city. Lefeuvre’s technique is executed according to the artistic rules of applying gold pigment on white paper, his rollers disperse blue tints, followed by the gold powders from Japan that is very light and virtually infinitesimal. “There is no how and why in what I am doing. It is all about graphic intentions translating experiences.”, said Lefeuvre. The work, while not losing its quintessential nature, takes on an additional essence, a new utility.


Landscape 122

Indigo ink and metallic gold powder on Hahnemühle cotton photo paper 330g, 118 x 108 cm

Okuda San Miguel


After Spainish artist Okuda San Miguel produced his mural “Rainbow thief” in Hong Kong in 2017, he presented his first solo exhibition in Asia at La Galerie in early 2019. His series Digital Zoo depicts a wide variety of animals with painter’s distinctive style of geometric harmonies emboldened with intense colors. Okuda’s works always presents rainbow geometric architectures blend with organic shapes that could be categorized as Pop Surrealism with a clear essence of street forms. "I believe the reason for Art, apart from breaking down boundaries amongst people, cultures and religions, is basically to make people feel."

2019_“The love of the mother panda”_Synthetic enamel on wood_110 cm diámetro.jpg

The Love of the Mother Panda

2019, Synthetic enamel on wood, 110 cm diameter

Zeng Nian


Chinese photographer Zeng Nian brings back his well-known series Three Gorges to this summer exhibition, with the photographs taken in the world’s largest hydraulic dam located in the province of Hubei, the heart of China. This project, partly in service since 2009, captures a complete transformation of the construction of the huge dam that made over one million people leaving their house.  “I wanted to photograph the things and people I knew would disappear one day.” While his photos consist a profound sense of reality and simplicity, they also give testimony to the social and cultural realities of rapidly evolving China, as a confrontation between the secular history and the modern world.


Three Woodsmen on a Gallery Road in Qutang Gorge with Sun Ligao at the Front, 1996

Inkjet print on fine art paper, 41 x 128.5 cm

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