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Women Gaze

Kayee C, LAU Wai, Anat GIVON, Catherine HENRIETTE

4 March - 25 April 2021


La Galerie chooses to exhibit works by four women photographers. LAU Wai and Kayee C express the unique viewpoints of the new generation. They were both born in Hong Kong and with international experience. Anat Givon and Catherine Henriette were born in Israel and France respectively, and lived in Asia for years. Both nourished their artworks with their former experiences as photojournalists.



The works by LAU Wai and Kayee C show a very personal perspective on our society, questioning both self and social identities. Both artists construct narratives of oneself and the connection with our surroundings through familiar yet uncanny scenarios.

While LAU Wai mixes reality with fictional heroes or past images with reinvented present, Kayee C plays with her own images by setting up fictional scenarios inspired by historical paintings. Both reveal a contemporary questioning: Who are we in our society? What do we expect? And who are we being expected to be?

Catherine Henriette and Anat Givon find the inner beauty of our environment and transform our present moment into art pieces, revealing its inner value. Catherine Henriette questions our modern changes and enhances the beauty of China, while Anat Givon researches pure aesthetic emotion immersed in the vibrant city of Hong Kong.

The field of photography has long been dominated by men. As photojournalists and artists, these four women show their engagement in our contemporary questioning.

Kayee C

Kayee C is a fine art photographer born and raised in Hong Kong before relocating to France a decade ago. She uses techniques of self-portrait and digital composite to create storytelling images to explore the dynamics of relationships on different levels. Her works can be humorous, dramatic or melancholic staging of a variety of human interactions.

Her favourite subject above all is the paradox between social disconnect and our desire to belong. She attempts to offer a critical, offbeat and sometimes poetic look on the way we relate to each other. Kayee’s works can be seen as a whole narrative piece in which each element tells its own story. Many of the photos were inspired by classical paintings.

Kayee’s works were exhibited in Rome, Venice (Italy) and Glasgow (Scotland) in 2020.