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Floriane de Lassée



Inside Views 

Inside Views is a masterful photographic series crafted by the visionary artist Floriane de Lassée, spanning the cosmopolitan cities of New York, Paris, Shanghai, Istanbul, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Moscow, and Macau. From the bustling streets of New York to the vibrant ambiance of Tokyo and the rich cultural tapestry of Istanbul, metropolitan cities have long served as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for photographers.

De Lassée's evocative lens takes us on a breath-taking tour of these urban landscapes, capturing the city's nocturnal allure through the prism of single characters, predominantly female, viewed from the windows of towering edifices. Each image is a meticulously crafted diptych, devoid of any digital manipulation, and created using a view camera, showcasing the artist's mastery of her craft. This awe-inspiring series was deemed worthy of a dedicated monograph, published by the esteemed Nazraeli Press, further cementing its place as a timeless work of art.

Half the sky

Floriane de Lassée's artistic oeuvre expanded in 2012, following her perusal of the seminal work, "Half the Sky" by WuDun and Kristoff. As a tribute to the book's progressive and empowering ethos, de Lassée crafted a photographic series of the same name, which captures the multifarious experiences and journeys of women across varied cultures and contexts. The series, which deftly showcases the joys and struggles of women grappling with issues of identity, tradition, and modernity, was supported by the prestigious L'Oréal brand and showcased at the highly respected Women's Forum for the Economy and Society, further amplifying its impact and reach.



Floriane de Lassée is a French photographer based in Paris. After a master's degree in art direction at Penninghen (Paris, France) in 2000 where Floriane de Lassée learned the basics of color and image construction, she specialized at the International Center of Photography (New York City, USA) in 2004. There she discovered the large format camera. Her series of nocturnal stagings, "Inside Views" draws a mysterious and melancholic portrait of women living in megacities. Her latest monograph was released in 2022.

De Lassée's approach to photography is deeply structured and calculated, allowing her to focus solely on the construction of the image rather than the subject itself. With exposure times of up to thirty minutes, de Lassée's images offer nuanced colors and shades. De Lassée's use of the view camera is inspired by the camera obscura, a device that creates an inverted image of the observed reality. While this system of shooting may seem an;quated compared to modern cameras, for de Lassée, it offers the greatest freedom in the creation of the image.

Despite the technical challenges of her method, de Lassée is deeply passionate about her work. For her, the view camera's long exposures create a sense of solitude and introspection, particularly when shooting at night. This sense of solitude is reflected in her work, which often features nocturnal features of megacities.

In 2012-2013, Floriane goes on the road around the world: "Half the sky" completes her initial urban photographs but speaks of diverse women's destinies; the other, "How Much Can You Carry?" is a reflection on the "weight of life", whether it is physical or more psychological.

Floriane is involved as co-artistic director in the environmental and social photography biennale that takes place outdoors in fiKeen Parisian locations. The second PhotoClimat edition will take place in the fall of 2023 in Paris.

During the pandemic, Floriane finalized her project of metaphorical “mises en scènes“ treating infertility, the place of bioethics in science and in the process of medically assisted reproduction, and more generally the evolution of the family in the 21st century.

From her small apartment to the ends of the world, de Lassée's travels are driven by her unwavering commitment to her craft. Her work has been widely exhibited and published in a variety of international publications, cementing her status as a highly esteemed figure in the realm of photography.

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